About Me

Nikhil Khanna

I am an 18 year old student intending to major in computer science currently living in Seattle, WA. Programming has been a passion of mine for years. Whether developing an iPhone game and releasing it under a new company while still in high school or taking online courses to teach myself new concepts, I have embraced programming as a hobby and, hopefully, as a future career option. If you want to see what I have programmed over the years, you can check out my Github, which contains the code for most of my large scale projects or take a look at my projects below!

My Projects

Bounding Blob

Bounding Blob


Bounding Blob, the first game I released, is an iOS puzzle/platforming game which I envisioned, designed, and programmed under my then newely found game company, Tangled Fire. After creating Bounding Blob, I led a marketing campaign for the product, creating a website and acquiring local press coverage.

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Bandit Bolt

Bandit Bolt


Bandit Bolt, an Android puzzle game, was the second full game I developed and released under my game company, Tangled Fire. For the release of this game, I created a website and once again secured local press coverage.

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Borrow From Friends

Borrow From Friends


Borrow From Friends is an iPhone app that I developed that integrates with Facebook to allow friends to easily facilitate the return of both borrowed and lent items.

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Other Projects

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